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South Africa's finest wedding photographer

Photography careers have their genesis in many forms, but few can compare to the way internationally acclaimed wedding and commercial photographer Brett Florens launched his in 1992.

SWPP with Mimika Cooney

Brett Florens interviewed by Mimika Cooney at SWPP
Shutterbug, March 2011

The Art & Craft of Posing

Brett Florens poses his subjects to make their bodies not just slimmer, but as good as possible on camera no matter what their body shape. His ability to pull this off time after time, he states, comes from experience.


Brett Florens interviewed by Scott Shepard
Rangefinder Magazine

Perfect Weekend

Peter Skinner talks to Brett Florens about his new book "Perfect Weekend" which features on-location portraits of 52 prominent South African's as they reveal how they spend their leisure time.

SWPP with Sandy Puc

Brett Florens interviewed by Sandy Puc at SWPP